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Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of NSW - News & Updates

UPDATED: COVID -19 News & Government Information Sites (AU & NZ Focus)

 The CCANSW is maintaining a list of links to Australian governments' Coronavirus information websites & pages and related news feeds. The list will be refined and appended to as further government sourced information comes to hand. The left hand of the page lists links to topical government web sites, grouped by state and jurisdiction. The right hand column contains news feeds from our usual sources but filtered on the coronavirus topic.

Links to statistics issued by Australian Federal and State governments  were added on 1st Dec 2020.

We have added a comprehensive index of NSW Government issued resources and information. Click Here

  1. NOTE: Many of the feeds used on this page are "live". They are updated on a page refresh, and may render no results when older content is dropped off and no new content is available.
  2. NOTE:  The State and jurisdiction names under the "Government" column will link to a search engine page that should render results about the coronavirus from the respective government's website.
  3. NOTE: Feeds have been created for government issued information about the coronavirus and  cemeteries, crematoria & funerals. At the time of writing they were not returning any results

The page is pinned for quick access on the CCANSW Websites.


 NSW Health

Links to NSW Government issued information & resources have been moved to  a separate page, 

NSW Government Information & Resources


Coronavirus News Feeds

Cemeteries & Crematoria (AU)

27 November 2022

Cemeteries & Crematoria (International)

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