Technical Committee BD-071 held Meeting 6 on 31 January & 1 February 2019. The meeting took in the continuing work on AS-4204 and AS-4425.

 AS-4204 – Headstones, Monuments & Commemorations

Subsequently to the second round of public comment the committee reviewed the 40+ comments received.

Minor editorial changes were made to the draft and it was agreed that technical changes(minor as they may be) would wait until the amendment project to AS 4204.

All committee ballot comments were resolved successfully and the document will now progress to publication.

Expected publication date will be the end of February 2019.

A vote of thanks is extended to all the committee, the input from public comment and the various industry associations for support and constructive input to this review.

AS-4425 – Above Ground Burial Structures

The committee finalised the draft for this standard and undertook a pre-public comment review based on the comprehensive work already completed for AS-4204 where shared definitions etc exist.
Some items were flagged for feedback from industry experts.

Once feedback is received, the draft will go to a Standards Australia editor for pre-public comment editing.It is expected that the document will go to public comment by the end of February.

Future work

The committee discuss the future amendment for AS 4204 and agreed that the committee would not start this project until 12 months after publication of AS 4204 in order to give the public an opportunity to provide extended feedback.


M Forrester-Reid
Independent Chair (BD-071)
Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of NSW.

To contact Martin please click here.


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