Open letter to the CCA membership & website visitors on the CCA & Social Media

socialmediaA couple of days ago I provided a brief note about the CCA taking a greater social media role. We've always had a social medial presence, but not one that was promoted or supported to any great extent. Except perhaps the linked in group, which has over 100 members . 

We want to change that, so please read on.

Social media only works if people get involved by "liking", be-friending, sharing etc.. That means to get your Association out there and moving, you need to be involved by subscribing to the CCA's groups, liking it and sharing your stuff with it. If you are a social media user, you know what we mean,

Currently you will find your Association on Linkedin, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.  You'll also find the links on a set of buttons at the top left of the CCA website. If you are a Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Linked in user, please join and support us in this effort. Spread the word.

With Thanks

Mary Reid and Pierre Duparte

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