position vacantBurial Operations - Grave Digger

Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park is seeking a mature minded and well organised individual to join the Burial Operations Team.

•Communicate effectively with Funeral Directors, Clergy, families and visiting members of the public
•Mark grave sites
•Excavate graves by hand and/or machine, full depth and reopens
•Grave Shoring in accordance with safe work practices
•Operation of excavator and backhoe and all other equipment and machinery required in the preparation of a grave for interment of the deceased
•Backfill graves upon the completion of the Funeral Service
•Prepare grave site prior to burial
•Final clean-up of grave site after burial

•Remove monumental ornaments prior to burial and replace after burial
•Remove spent flowers and general tidy up
•Inter ashes into grave
•Identify cemetery sections and grave locations
•Exploration of grave site as required
•Awareness of site conditions that may lead to collapse of/ or grave integrity
•Lower coffins/caskets into grave
•Inter deceased into monumental graves, crypts, vaults or mausoleums
•Transfer deceased remains between crypts, vaults or mausoleums as directed

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