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What does “freestanding” means in relation to the term “freestanding headstone”?

Does freestanding mean “not relying on or linked to anything else; independent”? Would “freestanding headstones” be those that are not connected to an adjacent pillar/column or similar element (that would be likely to have its own dowel within)?

If so, what is required for headstones greater than 900mm wide? What of headstones that cross over two or three or more sites?


Freestanding headstone are those that are not supported by another structure (i.e., they do not rely on or link to anything else.).
Should a freestanding headstone be greater than 900mm wide or covers two or more sites, in both cases, it would be responsibility of the masons to ensure that it satisfies the requirements of the Standard.


This answer was provided by Standards Australia in response to a number of questions posted by the CCANSW membership. Click here for the detail.


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