funeral-home-0508According to the Canberra Times

"(a) drop in consumer spending is being felt at one of Canberra's most unlikely places; the cemetery.

Sales of burial site reservations dropped 30 per cent last financial year as consumers tightened their wallets and postponed purchases of less essential goods.

Figures revealed in the Canberra Cemeteries 2010-11 report shows sales of burial site reservations decreased from 236 in 2009-10 to only 172 last financial year.

ACT Public Cemeteries Authority chief executive Hamish Horne said the significant drop in reservations followed a national trend.

''It's a relatively large cost and other things are probably more important,'' he said.

''It's the same cost as purchasing a plot, we require people to pay the whole cost.''


Source and full article: Canberra Times, Oct 10 2011