A proposal by The Southern Downs Regional Council is dying from  lack of support. A media release on the Council's website states:

Southern Downs Regional Council is calling on anyone who has not yet expressed their interest in an indoor burial option at the proposed new Stanthorpe Mausoleum to quickly come forward for the project to proceed.
Take up of burial options for indoor Mausoleum interments at Stanthorpe Cemetery has been so low that the project is on the brink of being cancelled.

“Numbers are low because nearly 80 percent of people who were originally interested in the indoor burial proposal have now opted for burial in the less expensive outdoor burial wall,” said Council’s Manager of Facilities, Greg Thouard.

“The estimated price difference between the indoor and outdoor options is $7,500 per vault and many have opted for the outdoor option as it is more affordable,” Mr Thouard said. 
Mr Thouard said Council now needs a clear direction from the community about the indoor mausoleum as with only 14 persons from an original 66 indicating this as their preference, Council would find it hard to proceed due to reduced interest.
“The indoor mausoleum was initially proposed after community requests for indoor burial options, but it does need to be viable financially,” Mr Thouard said.
Council has decided to provide the community with a final opportunity to provide preferences and needs these responses by 30 September 2011.
“I have to stress that this is the last opportunity for people to make a commitment to the indoor mausoleum,” Mr Thouard said. 
“Unless there is a significant increase in the number of persons prepared to contribute to an indoor mausoleum, it will be difficult to recommend that this project continues,” said Mr Thouard.
“The outdoor burial wall is going ahead and design works have already commenced. What Council now needs is for people interested in the indoor mausoleum to advise us.”
Vaults within the mausoleum are available at an estimated price of $11,000 each.
Interested persons should contact Sarah Little on 4681 5524. Italian interpreting services will be made available on request.