From Wagga Wagga's Daily Advertiser (31/8), reporting that the Council will review its policy regarding mementos left at grave sides:


Mrs Asgill was among 1300 people who signed a petition in a bid to stop council from disposing of all non-standard containers, statues, figurines and toys placed on gravesites at the Wagga Lawn Cemetery. As a result of that petition, council has drafted a new policy that outlines what can and can't be left at gravesites and in what manner they can be left, but Mrs Asgill believes elements of the policy are unreasonable.

"It says that items can only be left on the plaque, not the concrete border, and for us that would be just impossible to do," she said.

"The mayor's seen what we do with my father's grave and he's agreed with that - if we can leave ceramic items on the cement we'll be happy." The draft policy goes on exhibition for 28 days as of today and Councillor Geale encouraged people to enter submissions, negative or positive, to assist council to gauge the mood of the community.