ON the 21st May I linked this story  from the Cairns.Com.Au - I emphasise that the links to topical news stories posted here are exactly that; links and text summaries from news and RSS feeds posted on ostensibly legitimate and generally respected news web and blog sites.

However, the image of Trinity Funerals' building that appeared in the newsfeed article on this website was incorrectly sourced and linked in. The image, sourced from a Google search generated article, is not in in any way relevant to the article at Cairns.Com.Au. As best as I can establish I must have had the link to the Trinity Funerals image in the clip board instead of the one to the image that appeared in the newsfeed article.

Further, Trinity Funerals have NO association with the crematorium referred to in the Cairns.Com.Au article.  

The erroneous linking of the image is deeply regretted and my sincere apologies are offered to Trinity Funerals.


Pierre duParte

Admin CCANSW Website