As guests of the Moora Fine Arts Society (MFAS) and through an organisation called IASKA, Melbourne artists Sonia Leber and David Chesworth are about to embark on an arts project based on the tradition of All Souls Day. The final product, after being exhibited in Moora, will become part of a major exhibition at the Fremantle Arts Centre, then will tour nationally next year.

“There’s a certain intensity and fastidiousness with which the graves are tended,” David said about Moora Cemetery, which will feature in the project..

“It’s very personalised, the way they’re decorated,” Sonia said.

Their interest in Moora’s cemetery is not at all morbid.

These widely acclaimed sound and multimedia artists are in Moora for a very specific purpose; but it’s a purpose that would be nothing without the involvement of people in the community.

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