The Bairnsdale Cemetery is not only a place of final rest for thousands of people it is also a treasure of the region's history. Tim Gibson from the Bairnsdale Historical Society describes the features of the Cemetery that most capture his imagination..

Developed in the 1870's following floods in Bairnsdale that ruined the original cemetery, the new site holds the region's history as a treasure.

The site is immaculately kept by the community who had to fight the old Bairnsdale Shire to gain control of the site which had fallen into disrepair in the 1990's.

Home to all denominations as well as a Chinese section and a War Cemetery the cemetery also holds the remains of Alfred Howitt.

Howitt is one of the region's most notable citizens having being dispatched to search for Burke and Wills and being appointed as the magistrate for Omeo.


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