SOME of the tombs in the old Jewish section of Rookwood Cemetery lie crumbled on the ground. Others stand crooked, on the verge of keeling over, weighed down by the passage of time and the elements.

But thanks to a large-scale restoration project spearheaded by the Jewish Cemetery Trust (JCT), the gravestones – some dating from the 1860s – are set to be returned to their former splendour.

At present, JCT has committed to restoring 112 heritage tombs. That is in addition to the 52 gravestones it has already refurbished during the past year.

JCT chairman Jack Fisher said it was all part of a five-year plan to refurbish up to 1600 plots within the historic grounds.

“It is integral to maintain and retain the historical significance of the grounds in accordance with Jewish law,” he told The AJN this week. “If you don’t look after our heritage, then our history really suffers.”

Source and full story at The Australian Jewish News.