From an article in the Parramatta Advertiser: "

HEADSTONES may be crumbling, but there is a lot of spirit about Australia’s oldest cemetery, which sits out of sight behind a large brick wall in the heart of Parramatta.

And the spirit is not only with those pioneering souls who lie beneath the earth, but in history buffs who are keeping a close eye on the prime piece of real estate.

Across the road from Westfield Shoppingtown and surrounded by towering apartment blocks, St John’s Cemetery is the rest- ing place of some of Australia’s - and Parramatta’s - most important pioneers.

But Parramatta Historical Society president Trevor Patrick fears that, sooner or later, developers might eye the land for redevelopment, although the cemetery is presently protected under a heritage listing.

“Anything could happen in the future. After all, it is across from Westfield so they could be eyeing it off for the future,” Mr Patrick told The Parramatta Advertiser."

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