WHEN crows gather at a spot in cemeteries a burial will take place there soon, according to Martin Forrester-Reid, Manager of Waverley Cemetery.

“It’s a belief held by cemetery workers. I’m not at all superstitious but it seems to be true,’’ Mr Forrester-Reid said.

As he spoke on a windswept, overcast day at Sydney’s only coastal cemetery the light splatter of rain gave it a more haunting air than usual.

Crows landing on the Edwardian and Victorian monumental style graves completed the scene.

There are close to 4000 allotments still available but despite the overcrowded nature of Sydney people don’t seem to be dying to get in.

“At current projections we should have space for another five to ten years, although it’s difficult to be exact about these numbers,’’ Mr Forrester-Reid said.

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