The new CCANSW website is now more or less ready for use. Members will shortly receive a user name and password to gain full access to the web site.

There are THREE levels of information that members can maintain:

  1. Their User Name, Password and email address. This information is private
  2. Their Contact information; this information is public in the CONTACTS list, ie visitors can send the member a message from the website. The member's email address is cloaked, ie not displayed. If teh member doesn't want a contact listing they don't have to have one.
  3. Their cemeteries or facilities; this is a public listing of the facilities the member administers. They maintain this list, although the administrators of the site will need to approve each new entry.  Note these records are linked to Googlemaps (WaySearch). For this to work properly the address of the facility needs to be accurate. Have a look at "Berry Cemetery" and click the "WaySearch" link to see what I mean. (I'm assuming your network is not blocking googlemaps).

Content- if you want to add content to the website, such as committee reports, news and information etc, you will find a link on your USER MENU after you log  in. Note that you can prepare your copy in MS WORD and then paste into the website editor by clicking the PASTE WITH WORD editor.

I have already posted a couple of "How to" articles in the FAQ section to try and help user get the best out of their feature rich website. Of course, if you have questions or comments, let me know.

Finally, we will need a better template. For the moment, there are a number you can select from and test. You'll find the template selector at the bottom of the left menu strip. But I do think we need to engage a graphic designer to make us something special and unique.

All the best