A KINGSVILLE family who plan to exhume their baby daughter from Altona Memorial Park (Victoria) want the cemetery’s trustees to waive or discount the exhumation fees as a gesture of goodwill.

As reported in the Leader last week, Phil Dean and Dolly Sampson decided to exhume their baby and cremate her after four years of wrangling with management over the state of the cemetery.

Mr Dean said Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust members should waive or discount the fees, expected to top $3000, because they “haven’t kept their part of the bargain by keeping (the grave) clean and tidy”.

“All we want is for them to waive the fees to exhume our daughter so we can put the matter to bed, but (the trust) refused outright, showing a complete lack of understanding of what we’ve been through,” he said.


SOURCE: Hobsons Bay Leader