The Canberra Times (blog) - Sally Pryor

Morbid types might be predisposed to imagine their own funerals, at least to the point of choosing the music, but hardly anyone really thinks hard about what happens to their body after the funeral.

Some might prefer one method over another someone with an abiding fear of being burned might be specific about not being cremated. The same goes for those with a similar fear of being buried alive.

In fact, between 70 and 80 per cent of Canberrans will opt for cremation. It's quick, clean (in terms of what happens to the remains) and leaves very little to the imagination.

Or does it? What does it mean to be cremated? Where does the body go and what happens to it?

If you've been to a funeral in Canberra, it's likely to have been at the Norwood Park Crematorium chapel the ACT's only crematorium.

A low, '60s-era building that opens on to a sprawling garden patterned with flower beds and walls, all of them containing ashes, Norwood Park is noteworthy in that it's one of the few major facilities of this type that isn't located in a cemetery.

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