Cemeteries & Crematoria NSW (CCNSW) is the government's industry regulator in New South Wales. They are not, of course, us - the Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of NSW (CCANSW).

Did you know the CCNSW has an informative FAQ page full of Interesting information about burial, cremation, funerals and ways to commemorate life? There can be a lot to consider when planning for after death- the CCNSW "Did you know?" page provides you with answers to questions you may not have considered. The CCNSW says the page is an honest, surprising and myth-busting guide to after-death scenarios in NSW.

 Topics covered include


Planning for after death

  • You can update your plans for after-death
  • Your will and internment rights
  • A will may not always ensure your burial, cremation or funeral preferences are honoured
  • Talking about death is healthy
  • What to do if you don’t have any next-of-kin
  • Can you make plans without paying for them?

Options for after death

  • Making plans for after death is personal - there is no right or wrong choice
  • When someone dies, they do not always need to be immediately transported to a funeral home
  • A body does not need to be embalmed to be buried
  • When you bury someone or their remains, you might be able to choose a renewable interment
  • You can be buried in a shroud without a coffin
  • You can choose what coffin you would like or make one
  • What happens to your body if you donate it to science?
  • What happens to pacemakers, jewellery and metal hips at cremation?
  • Cremation ashes don't get mixed
  • Families can watch a cremation

Funerals and ways of being remembered

  • You can use a funeral director, organise a DIY funeral or choose a mix of both
  • It's your choice to hold a funeral or memorial
  • When you pre-purchase an interment site, the price may not include all the costs for a burial and funeral


  • Cemetery capacity in urban areas is scarce
  • Cemeteries are increasingly popular places for recreation, such as running and picnics
  • Can I skip the cemetery and be buried on land I own?
  • Does my religion restrict which cemetery or the kind of cemetery I can choose?
  • Is a 'green' cemetery the right choice for me?
  • Can I plant a tree or flowers or leave toys or mementos at the gravesite of a relative or friend?


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Cemeteries & Crematoria NSW (CCNSW) is the part of NSW Government that regulates cemetery and crematorium operators, and provides information on burial and cremation options to the public.

Its objectives are to ensure that everyone in NSW has the right to a dignified burial or cremation, that is respectful of religious and cultural beliefs.

CCNSW also holds a critical role in ensuring land is available for affordable and accessible burial and cremation options in NSW, now and in the future.