vandalismA Temora resident took to Facebook and set up a page - "Publically humiliate the vandals of temora cemetry" (sic) - on Friday, and more than 520 people had 'liked' the site by last night.

Despite the hostile atmosphere of the site, no names have been mentioned, but plenty of criticism has been levelled at Temora Shire Council and the Temora police and one post even claims someone has been charged for the travesty.

Of the Facebook page, where claims of a cover-up to the tune of $150,000, accusations that police and council are not reacting due to the social status of whoever is responsible for the attacks, calls for a public protest outside council and a huge amount of venting from members of the community can be found, Det Insp Smith said "that's just nasty stuff".

Temora's deputy mayor, Rick Firman said the rumours had to stop before innocent names were tarred by the rumour mill.

"People need to take a deep breath, and instead of all the rumour-mongering, come up with hard evidence," he said.

Cr Firman said one of the young men whose name was being bandied about in the community recently met with himself, mayor Peter Spiers and general manager Gary Lavelle.

"That took an immense amount of courage on his part to do that. We were very grateful and believe he's either the best liar that there is, or as we all believe, telling the truth," he said. "If, in fact, some names (come out) and there is cold, hard evidence, then so be it. Eventually they will be in court and that's the one thing everyone can take to the bank."

The creator of the Facebook site said it was made so people can have their say and let police know the community wants names.

Anyone with information regarding the smashing of graves at Temora cemetery can contact Temora police on 6977 2044, Wagga police on 6922 2599 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Source and full story: The Daily Advertiser On Line