Callum Foote has posted another article on Michael West Media  about the OneCrown proposal:

"An issue that concerns our eternal rest has generated plenty of living passions, and the NSW Premier may be about to find that you can’t please everyone. The decision of whether to hand over control of Sydney’s most valuable cemeteries to a company controlled by the Catholic Church may be made tomorrow, with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake"

With Sydney’s cemetery sector running out of space and facing massive unfunded debts, time is running out for the NSW government to decide how to fix the problem.

There is only one solution which expert analysis from external consultants and departmental working groups agree will solve the problem: to amalgamate the five Crown Trusts which oversee Sydney’s cemeteries into a single efficient operator, OneCrown.

This solution, known as Option 1 by the NSW cabinet, is also the only option which abides by the Independent Commission Against Corruption’s (ICAC) conflict of interest rules, known as the direct dealing guidelines.

Unfortunately for the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney, this would mean that the Catholics lose control over vast and profitable cemetery assets which they have been tasked with managing for the past 150 years.

This would in no way impact the burial of Catholic Sydneysiders. It only means that a Catholic operator would no longer sell public burial spaces on behalf of the NSW Government.

In September, Finance Minister Damien Tudehope put forward another option, known as Option 6, for cabinet to consider.

To prepare Option 6, Tudehope demanded that the Treasury, which is not his department, develop a proposal which would leave a Catholic cemeteries operator in control of Sydney’s most valuable cemetery assets.

This is known as the two-operator model which has been championed by the Catholic Church since 2018. However, the statutory review into the 2013 Cemeteries and Crematoria Act, the 11th Hour Report, demonstrates that this model renders OneCrown incapable of operating. Under the two-operator model, OneCrown will run out of space within 10 to 12 years and have unfunded liabilities.

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