The Western Weekender reports that last month the Sydney Western City Planning Panel (Panel) unanimously approved the Catholic Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust development application to change the use of part of the existing Wallacia golf course to a 27,000 plot cemetery.

An artist's impression of the proposed cemetery.(Supplied)An artist's impression of the proposed cemetery.(Supplied)

It also green-lit the reconfiguration of the golf course to nine holes and rubber-stamped plans for a new pool, gym, putting and bowling greens.

The assessment of DA19/0875 overlapped with the assessment of DA17/1092, the latter of which was originally refused by the Panel after applying the determination of the Independent Planning Commission on July 12, 2019.

Catholic Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust appealed the decision, following which substantial amendments to the development application (DA) were made. It also lodged DA19/0875.

On May 11 this year, DA17/1092 was ultimately approved, with the Court finding the proposed development would not cause negative social impacts to the Wallacia community.

“A major source of opposition to the proposal centered upon the perceived negative social and character impacts of a substantial portion of the golf course into a cemetery,” the Panel explained in its Determination and Statement of Reasons for DA19/0875 dated August 31.

“The Panel was not ultimately satisfied that the DA could be refused for that reason after taking into account the judgment setting out the Court’s reasons for approving the DA.

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