According to the Blue Mountain Gazette, The Faulconbridge crematorium proposal might not come before Blue Organisers of last Wednesday's anti-crematorium meeting at Springwood Sports Club, from left to right (standing) Maria Gosschalk, Beverley Moreman, Kate McDonald, Katie McRobert, Sue Butler, Margit Spaeth, Sharon Glazebrook, Elizabeth Ho, (kneeling) Adelaide and Barbara van Kessel.Mountains City Council (BMCC) for a decision before August, a community meeting has been told.

About 200 people packed Springwood Sports Club last Wednesday, June 23 for the meeting, where speakers addressed the crowd on the anti-crematorium campaign to date followed by a question and answer session.

Local resident Barbara van Kessel presented the findings of crematoria survey she had completed to gain more information on similar developments.

One aspect of the survey focused on how many houses and food outlets were within the 200 metre buffer zone of crematoria recommended in guidelines set out by the Australasian Cemeteries and Crematoria Association (ACCA)

Consultant town planner Gilbert Blandin De Chalain also spoke to the meeting from a planning perspective, stating he was “humbled” by the research that had been undertaken and that he did not believe the application met the zone objectives of the Local Environment Plan (LEP) for the area.


Deputy Mayor Janet Mays and ward councillors Daniel Myles and Brendan Luchetti were present at the meeting, however did not speak due to legislative constraints.

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