ABC News Australia reports the Catholic Cemetery Trust has started legal proceedings against the NSW state government over its decision to appoint an administrator to run five Sydney crown land cemeteries. The five existing Crown cemetery operators will merge into a single entity, known as OneCrown.


The Trust was supposed to be dissolved by Friday, but in an 11th-hour intervention on Thursday evening the state's legal team postponed the filing of the formal injunction at the Supreme Court negotiating a stay on the Trust's management for at least one week.

The OneCrown recommendation was made in an independent review called the 11th Hour report.

In it, the report forecast existing Crown cemeteries would close to new burials within 10 years, with minority groups running out of space as early as four years.

It also noted the combined trusts were indebted $300 million, and consolidation would be necessary to secure the financial futures of the cemetery sector.

Minister for Water, Property and Housing Melinda Pavey maintained OneCrown would standardise the burial and cremation process.

"Under current pricing, it can cost three times as much to bury a person in one part of the state compared to another," Ms Pavey said.


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 Key points:

  • The OneCrown policy consolidates the trusts managing cemeteries
  • A report found the trusts were indebted $300 million
  • The government says the new system promotes fairness

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