The ACT’s (Canberra) first publicly owned crematorium officially opened at Gungahlin Cemetery  15 March, 2021, according to a number of reports out of the ACT this week

Canberra now has a second crematorium that meets the religious and cultural needs of the ACT’s growing population. The capital’s first publicly operated crematorium opened in Gungahlin on Monday, 15 March.

A 2018 review of cemeteries and crematoria found one in 10 people who have a religious or cultural need for burial or cremation did not have this service available to them in Canberra.

Previously, there was only one crematorium, in Mitchell, for a city of more than 425,000 people.

ACT Minister for Transport and City Services Chris Steel and ACT Minister for Multicultural Affairs Tara Cheyne formally opened the Territory’s new crematorium at Gungahlin Cemetery.

“This is the ACT’s second crematorium and first publicly operated crematorium facility to help meet the needs of our growing and diverse community,” said Minister Steel.

“We heard clearly from the consultation that Canberrans wanted access to a government-operated facility, and following testing and commissioning, we are pleased this new facility is now open.

The ACT Government will consider building another publicly operated crematorium as part of the Southern Memorial Park site on Long Gully Road in south Canberra following consultation about the project during the coming months.