Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of NSW member The Northern Beaches Council, situated in New South Wales, invites comments on the proposed construction of a new columbarium wall and small memorial garden on the eastern side of Manly Cemetery.

What's proposed?

Manly Cemetery Columbarium Perspective

We currently have three operational cemeteries across the Northern Beaches and Council manages two of these, Manly and Mona Vale Cemeteries. The waiting list for new burial and memorial sites is expected to grow in the future with Manly Cemetery closed to new burials.

We are proposing to construct a new columbarium wall and small memorial garden on the eastern side of Manly Cemetery which will provide an additional 600 niches in the wall and memorial garden positions.

New columbarium

Manly Cemetery columbarium Perspective 2 1280px

The proposed new columbarium would be approximately 23 metres in length and would consist of four light coloured granite walls (maximum height of 1.8 metres) running along the eastern boundary of the cemetery.

It would include two sandstone end pillars or columns similar in style and character as the existing columbarium. The concept plan also shows a crushed granite pathway running between the burial sites and new columbarium wall.

Memorial garden

A curved memorial garden is proposed within the circular area opposite the existing columbarium. It includes a border wall of niche spaces with Rosemary and Camelias in the garden bed, a seat for reflection and a granite plinth with a raised prayer plaque.

The concept plan also shows new signs for the cemetery, incorporating natural hardwood timber and charcoal grey coloured panels.

A Development Application would also need to be submitted for the works should it proceed.

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  Manly Cemetery...

...has been a special and sacred place for Manly residents since the 1870s. It was consecrated as a burial ground in 1865 and officially became a headstone cemetery in 1872. If you walk through the Cemetery you will find there are some burial sites that pre-date this time.


The cemetery is divided into three sections - Anglican, Catholic and General (other denominations).


Trustees were appointed to manage the Cemetery and did so until 1969 when the administration was passed to Manly Council. The Northern Beaches Council took over the management of the cemetery in 2016.