At 8 a.m. on a sunny Wednesday, industrialist Muhsin heads out for his usual workout of a swim and a few laps around a running track. His chosen location: Indonesia's most luxurious cemetery.

The 1,240-acre San Diego Hills Memorial Park, which opened in 2007, was inspired by the Forest Lawn chain of U.S. cemeteries, the final resting place of celebrities. Yet even Hollywood's five-star graveyards can't match San Diego Hills' adornments, which beyond the sports facilities include an Italian restaurant called La Colina, a small-scale replica of Istanbul's Blue Mosque and a man-made Lake of Angels that's dotted with rowboats on weekends. The cemetery also hosts wedding parties, and rich Indonesians impatient with Jakarta's traffic jams can land their helicopters on the facility's dedicated landing pad. Those attractions lure visitors such as Muhsin, who lives nearby and owns steelmaking company PT Kayafit Metal Industries.

"This is a happy place," says Muhsin, who has bought several grave sites for family members. (Like many Indonesians, Muhsin only has one name.)

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