It's reported that to prevent the funeral system from collapsing in the face of a new increase in coronavirus cases, Manaus, the Brazilian Amazon metropolis, plans to create 22,000 vertical graves.

The mayor said on Friday: "We must use the existing space and we will make the Taruma Cemetery vertical." Taruma is one of the graves where mass graves were buried in Brazil during the first coronavirus pandemic in early 2020. The number of people who died from the coronavirus in Brazil on Thursday exceeded 200,000.

Upright Burial System - Burial System -

Now, when many hospitals and cemeteries reach their limits, the situation at the beginning of last year may repeat itself.

At the same time, the largest country in Latin America has not yet conducted a vaccination campaign for the people. After  downplaying the coronavirus, President Jair Bolsonaro is now also skeptical of vaccination.

The mayor of the Amazon state capital, David Almeida, told regional TV channel Bom Dia Amazonia that the project will begin "in the coming days."




It's unclear from the reports whether "vertical burial" refers to constructing multilevel burial chambers, commonly known as crypts, or to impliment an upright burial system.

Multilevel interment chambers

The Lafayette Cemetery 1 in New OrleansThe Lafayette Cemetery 1 in New Orleans

Upright Burial

Upright Burials proponents argue it is a proven alternative in burials that is simple, natural, and economical.

Key benefits are said to be :

  1. It is environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable.
  2. The body is placed in a vertical position in a biodegradable body bag.
  3. The burial method uses a far simpler and safer approach that removes the OH&S issues and labour costs associated with traditional horizontal burial.

Information about an Australian upright burial system is here.

Upright burial process diagram