At last week’s council meeting, councillors endorsed asking the government to review graveyard plans for the South West Growth Centre. With the population skyrocketing to 250,000 in 2036 and doubling to 100,000 in 10 years, councillors are worried there will not be enough burial plots to accommodate the increased number of deaths.

At the meeting Cr Debbie Dewbery called for the former Badgerys Creek airport site to be converted into a large cemetery. Councillors also supported limits to plot allocations at Camden General Cemetery.

Under the council’s new plot limits, the Christian sections (Uniting, Anglican, Catholic and Presbyterian) are allowed a combined 105 spaces annually.


The Islamic section dedicated in 2008, where 19 from an original 70 spaces remain unreserved, now has one annual allocation, while the non-sectarian and independent sections have been capped at 20 and 19 respectively.

According to Camden State Labor MP Geoff Corrigan, the council missed its chance to allocate burial lands for the growth centre estates presently being developed at Turner Rd and Oran Park.

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