Mona Vale Cemetery in NSW recently listed a number of unused grave plots, reserved prior to 1st January 1970, that subject to a regulated process may be revoked by the Cemetery for later re-issue and re-use.

Northern Beaches Council, which administers the Mona Vale Cemetery, has posted a public notice:monavale cemetery sign

Public notice

Revocation / cancellation of unused grave interment (burial) rights - Mona Vale Cemetery

Under theCemeteries and Crematoria Act 2013 (Part 4, Section 52.4.b) Council gives notice of the possible revocation of interment rights in Mona Vale Cemetery issued prior to 1 January 1970.

The proposed revocation only affects graves that do not contain burials.

The persons listed below (or their heirs and successors) may claim their entitlement by contacting Cemetery Services on 1300 434 434 before 21 June 2021.

A transfer application (and applicable fee) may be required to substantiate a claim.

The list of affected unused plots and further details are available on the Cemetery's website.