I was interested to read over the weekend that Coolamon Shire Council doesn't issue pre-need Rights of Burial in its Lawn Cemetery. All burials occur in chronological order. According to the Daily Advertiser COOLAMON Shire Council appears determined to stand by its cemetery policy despite many people in the community believing they should be allowed to reserve plots.The council's cemetery policy was reviewed in April following a request from an Ardlethan woman who wanted to reserve a plot next to her unmarried son, who died recently.

But council declined the request, saying it was against council policy to reserve plots because of financial considerations and a desire to keep plots in chronological order.Other councils across the region, including Wagga, offer the option of reserving plots in their cemeteries.

Coolamon mayor Robert Menzies said last week he had received "a lot of community support" for the policy, which has been in place for 40 years.shire, and the policy would not be reviewed again until it was due.

Coolamon Shire permits reservations in its monumental section of its cemeteries, as well as the niche wall and rose garden, but does not allow reservations in the lawn cemetery.