Government News points out a recent IPART draft report  recommends all cemetery operators, including councils, should be responsible for the perpetual maintenance of graves and should set up a dedicated fund to do it.  The draft report on the costs and pricing of internment in NSW released last week, IPART says councils should provide costs and performance statistics on the Office of Local Government’s Your Council website as part of their annual reporting cycle.

Headstones and monumentsThe information should include the number of cemeteries they operate, the number of burials per year, remaining cemetery capacity, total operating costs and  revenue, and the funds they have set aside for perpetual maintenance of the facility.

The move would increase transparency and allow comparison with other councils, IPART says.

“Requiring councils to report transparency on their cemetery operations would encourage efficiency and provide a useful benchmark for council cemetery operators,” report says.

Perpetual maintenance

IPART also recommends that the NSW Government puts a legal obligation on all cemetery operators to be responsible for perpetual maintenance of perpetual interment sites and the cemetery.

The Government News report is here.