The project that became Recompose was first inspired by the ideas of interconnectedness and transformation. We are connected to each other and to nature itself. And someday, if we choose, our bodies will transform, rejoining nature’s cycles to create new life.

In this time of great uncertainty, I come back to this. No matter what happens today, I will someday be soil. No matter what happens today, I am forever connected to all. If you are feeling unsettled right now, if mortality is on your mind, I hope this idea can bring you some peace.

Here at Recompose, our team is working hard to move forward, and we are also allowing for the uncertainty to exist. Poet Ross Gay put it well: “If we live our lives with the knowledge of uncertainty, it can allow for a real tenderness, and a real generosity.” We have seen a real generosity of spirit in our new general manager, Kira Franz, who started at Recompose just as this global pandemic started to bloom.

Since joining the team in late February, Kira has brought energy, expertise, and bravery to her role. Like many of you, we thought we knew what 2020 was going to look like for Recompose. Now, we are recalibrating how we think about this year, this month, even this day. In her few short weeks here, Kira has already proven there’s no better person to set the course for our operations, legal, and HR efforts – especially when the path may be different than the map we’d originally set.

Later this month, we will send a newsletter to share our path and update you on our work. Today, I just want to say thank you for being a part of this growing community. Thank you for your tenderness. Thank you for your generosity.

We are in relationship with each other and with nature itself.

All the best,

 katrina spadeKatrina Spade Founder and CEO, Recompose