The ACT Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission today released a draft report that contains draft pricing principles to help Canberra Cemeteries develop prices for its proposed crematorium that are competitively neutral. Competitive neutrality means that public businesses compete on a level playing field with private operators and do not receive an advantage purely as a result of their government ownership. 

The ACT Government has asked the Commission to develop the pricing principles ahead of Canberra Cemeteries developing prices and a costing methodology for the proposed crematorium later this year. 

The prices developed by Canberra Cemeteries will be assessed by the Commission for compliance with the pricing principles and the ACT Competitive Neutrality Policy.

In developing the draft report, the Commission has examined the activities associated with providing crematorium services by Canberra Cemeteries to ensure that the draft advice is appropriately tailored for achieving competitive neutrality. 

The draft report also provides guidance to Canberra Cemeteries on how it can develop its pricing proposal and demonstrate compliance with the ACT Competitive Neutrality Policy.  

In preparing the draft report the Commission has been assisted by industry bodies, private operators, funeral directors and Canberra Cemeteries. 

The Commission is inviting interested stakeholders to provide their views on the draft report

The Commission will provide its final report and advice to the Treasurer and the Minister for

For media enquiries, please contact the Commission on 02 6205 0799 or email:

The draft report is available on the Commission’s website at or can be obtained by contacting the Commission on (02) 6205 0799 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..