Losing a loved one is difficult and stressful, and for many families the pressure of costly funerals only adds to this. The rising cost of funerals is driving some families in to debt. Also known as funeral poverty, it is a globally recognised societal issue, bringing the days of elaborate funerals to an end. With cemetery capacity in metropolitan Sydney anticipated to reach exhaustion by 2051, the scarcity of cemetery land will only increase the risk of funeral poverty for Sydney communities.

According to Rookwood General Cemetery, this is an issue affecting families worldwide – with many feeling social pressure to give a loved one a ‘good send-off’. For example, studies into funeral spending in the United Kingdom show that some of the poorest households spend above average amounts on coffins and headstones.

For many families the ritual of a funeral is recognised as a necessary part of the grieving process. This means families need access to affordable services.

Rookwood General Cemetery recognises this and, in response, has implemented a cost-effective cremation service, which takes place in the newly renovated All Souls ceremonial venue. This service is akin to a regular cremation however, the casket is moved to an offsite cremation facility once the ceremony is finished. This process provides value for money, as a cremator does not need to be maintained.

The historic All Souls ceremonial venue at Rookwood General CemeteryThe historic All Souls ceremonial venue at Rookwood General CemeteryLindsay Leung from Galaxy Funerals has already conducted several services at the venue and is suitably impressed. “The new refurbishment of Rookwood’s All Souls Chapel, with the circles of light illuminating from above, sets a peaceful ambience to farewell and honour a loved one. The stained glass window feature, with the option to close, makes this chapel appropriate for both religious and non-religious services.”

“It is also currently one of the most cost-effective facilities in the area, making it an ideal chapel for a family seeking a cosy and intimate space to farewell a loved one.”

Rookwood is one of the oldest, largest and most multicultural cemeteries in Australia. Its vast and historical landscape is one of Sydney’s most significant heritage sites, providing services for a range of culturally diverse communities.

One of the stand out structures at Rookwood is the art deco All Souls building. Located in the heart of the old Anglican section and built in the 1950s, this beautiful facility combines heritage charm with state-of-the art furnishings and facilities, including TV screens inside and out, video streaming capability and disability access. With the ability to accommodate up to 170 people, All Souls provides families with the ability to host an elaborate funeral service, at an affordable price.

To complement this new cremation service, Rookwood offers a range of unique memorial areas, from rose gardens and monumental gardens, through to niche walls. This range of options provides families with a way to create a fitting tribute that is as unique as the loved one they are commemorating, whilst ensuring family and friends have a peaceful place to visit and reflect, for years to come.

Rookwood’s cremation service and its associated memorial areas are created with dignity and affordability in mind. This is because as an organisation, they believe that urgent action is required to ensure that all communities have access to affordable funeral and cremation services. This cremation service is a small step towards minimising funeral debt and ensuring that families can farewell their loved ones in a special, memorable and meaningful way.

Crystal Lindsay, Director of Marketing & Client Services, Rookwood General Cemetery

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