The BBC has an informative article on the topic of unsafe headstones in cemeteries, specifically as managed by councils in Wales. writing for BBC News says while some councils already have policies in place, others are introducing new ones following the deaths of six people, including an eight-year-old boy from Glasgow, as a result of unsafe graves.  Neath Port Talbot is holding open days this week to answer any questions. Councils usually try to contact owners or place notices before taking action.

Neath Port Talbot said it would be implementing the new policy later this month, and is holding open days in Margam and Llantwit on Monday and Carmel on Tuesday to answer questions.

It said it follows the deaths of six people across the UK in recent years, including eight-year-old Ciaran Williamson in 2015 who was crushed by a 7ft gravestone in Glasgow - and whose death could have been avoided if a regime of safety checks had been in place, a fatal accident inquiry found.

Betteley provides an extensive summary of what individual councils are doing to control safety around monuments and headstones. The article is well worth your time if you're confronting this critical safety issue in cemeteries you administer.

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