Welcome to 2020 from the CCANSW, although it may be a tough and perhaps tragic start for many in Australia. Especially those in NSW and Victoria. On the upside, where I am in South Australia's mid north a steady soaking rain began in the early hours. Ten hours later it is still going. Here's hoping it continues its eastward journey to ease the  lot of the fire fighters.

Nevertheless, the website's make over continues, with a fair bit of fine tuning happening over the holiday break. More needs to be done, but I hope you like the changes so far. Either way, let me know. Use the comment field at the end of this article if you can.

News Section

The quest to tap into more  industry & community related news continues. Our sources have been expanded, with a focus on keeping an eye on relevant eastern states government websites and media releases. 

Advertising & Promotion Blocks for Sponsors.

There are additional opportunities for sponsors to access advertising and promotional blocks on the website and newsletters. We advised of experimental guidelines last year, which we'll continue to use. Further recommendations for sponsors  & non sponsor access will be put to the CCANSW executive committee in the near future. In the meantime, sponsors wanting information about how to access the promotional spaces may contact Mary Reid or me for details.

Note that access to the promotional blocks is included in the sponsorship packages, subject to guidelines. 

Featured Cemeteries

Last year we kicked off the "Featured Cemeteries" articles. Each week I try to write a feature about a cemetery, crematorium or memorial gardens.Geographically there are no restrictions, although featuring Australian cemeteries is desirable.

Cemeteries featured so far have been from the smallest to the largest, working on the principle that no cemetery ought to be irrelevant, or more relevant than any other.

The format of "Featured Cemeteries" has now been settled. It is best demonstrated in the recently featured Karakatta Cemetery, Western Australia

Some other examples are

Essentially, we try to provide a history of each place featured and a short list of notable interments. Sources & references are always credited.

I'm getting some help from a couple of generous people, but it would be encouraging to have more input from members, colleagues and other historians & taphophiles.

So, if you want to help, please visit this link where I have information for potential contributors.


I note that there is a scarcity of historical information in the public domain about many, probably most, Australian cemeteries.For example, I am currently researching what is one the earliest and  most significant cemeteries in South Australia's Barossa Valley. Bluntly put, there is nothing substantially meaningful I can find out about the place via internet resources

If you manage or administer a cemetery, and haven't already done so, consider including some historical information on your website about the design, establishment, development and evolution of your cemetery.  

NB: I'm very grateful to Robert Pitt (Adelaide Cemeteries)  for the Robert Nicol text books he recently forwarded to me.

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If you can't, or don't want to remember all that, the home page should always get you there - https://ccansw.org.au or https://www.ccansw.org.au

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My best wishes to all for 2020 and beyond,


Pierre Duparte, system admin, CCANSW