The launch of the Reserve Manager website improves support for Crown land managers. The new website gives you a range of tools, templates, case studies and updated guidance materials to help you. The website has over 50 resources in the templates and guides section, as well as a map identifying reserve locations and type of CLM.

The new site replaces the Trust Handbook and will be the access point for the Reserve Manager Portal (due to launch in early 2020). Future improvements to the site will include a public directory for all Crown reserves and more guidance materials.

Public directory of Crown reserves

The Reserve Manager website will include a public directory of Crown reserves early next year. The directory will give information on reserves including photos and public contact details (for example, website, email and phone).

The directory will help promote your reserve to the general public and encourage CLMs to connect with each other. CLMs will need to give information for listing in the directory through this year’s annual report submission process. If you need any help with submitting your Crown reserve annual report, please contact the Depart,ment.   

Enhanced support for work, health and safety

A new online program to support work, health and safety (WHS) on Crown reserves is now available on the Reserve Manager website. Under the Crown Land Management Act 2016 appointed CLM's have responsibility for the care, control and management of the land. This extends to ensuring the health and safety of individuals working, volunteering, or using Crown reserves as outlined in the CLM Code of Conduct.

This WHS resource will help you:

  • understand and comply with your obligations under the Work, Health and Safety Act 2011.
  • identify hazards on your reserve and practically manage the associated risks
  • implement improvement strategies to enhance the work health and safety practices on your reserve
  • access a range of resources and support to assist you in your safety journey.

View WHS resource

Venue hire agreement 

A new venue hire agreement template is now available for CLM use. This template is recommended for one-off bookings of reserve facilities.

The venue hire agreement covers users who want to book a reserve for either non-commercial (for example, birthday parties) or commercial (for example, a ticketed event) activities. The template can be adjusted to suit individual Crown reserve requirements. 

View venue hire template (Under leases and licences section)


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