The Times of India reports Hindus in Britain will now have the right to hold open-air funerals after a British court on Wednesday upheld a plea by Davender Kumar Ghai to be “naturally cremated in a sacrament of fire".
Master of the Rolls Lord Neuberger told the Appeals Court that “open air" funeral pyres are legal under British law, fulfilling the plea by president of Anglo Asian Friendship Society Davender Kumar Ghai to be “naturally cremated in a sacrament of fire.”

Ghai, 71, told TOI over phone from UK that the society would now identify and get the site approved for the crematorium in Newcastle.

He informed that in February 2006, the Newcastle City Council had rejected his proposal for a designated, private natural cremation site enabling funeral pyre cremations, claiming that they would be illegal under the Cremation Act 1902. That decision was upheld by the High Court in May 2009. In July 2006 Ghai had lighted the pyre of one Rajpal Mehta at Northumberland . Mehta’s body was found drowned in a London canal.

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