Standards Australia Technical Committee (BD-071) is current;y reviewing AS 4425 (1996) "A Bove Ground Burial Structures.

Chair of Technical Committee BD-071 and member of the CCANSW, Martin Forrester-Reid,  has advised that “Technical Committee BD-071 held Meeting #7 on 2 October 2019.  Below is a summary of the work undertaken during the meeting:

 AS 4425

The committee reviewed the comments received during Public Comment for AS 4425. Some items were flagged for feedback from industry experts.

Once feedback is received, the committee will ballot on the draft.

Publication is expected in mid-December 2019.

 Future work

The committee discussed the potential future amendments of AS 4204 and AS 4425.

A meeting will be scheduled in 2020 once the public have had the opportunity to use the Standards and are able to provide extended feedback.

All members of the industry are encouraged to submit feedback and this can be done directly via the Standards portal or via their Associations/organisations.

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