Penn Forest Naural Burial Park, the first and only green cemetery in Pennsylvania, will teach coffin-making to DIYers..  As a bonus the design of the coffins will let them function as a bookshelf as they sit and await their ultimate purpose.

DIY COFFIN PLAN DESIGNAccording to a news article on the website, park staff are in the early phases of organizing a series of coffin-building classes set to begin this fall, hosted by funeral homes around the Pittsburgh region.

“The idea is you build a coffin at a workshop, you take it home with you and use for a coffee table or a bookcase,” explains Pete McQuillin, manager of Penn Forest Natural Burial Park. “When the time comes, you’ve got one. You’re all set.”

It may sound a bit surprising, even in an era when DIY projects are so popular.

But there’s some history to it: The original coffin makers in America were also furniture makers. And in the last several decades, as the cost of a traditional funeral has skyrocketed, many people are seeking out cheaper, environmentally friendly green burials that include a simple wood coffin.

This DIY workshop is a creative solution to those concerns.

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