Many of our members will know Keith Cross and his passion and dedication to the Historic Eden Cemetery. So I was pleased to read that on Australia Day Keith received a well deserved award for his efforts.
He was given a citizen of the year award for his commitment to the Eden Historic Cemetery. In presenting the award, Jack Dickinson said Keith was “most reluctant to receive this award. We strongly suggested to him that he was a leader of the Cemetery Committee and that he would be accepting this award on behalf of the entire committee.”

Mr Dickinson praised Mr Cross as one of the instigators of the beautification of the Eden Historic Cemetery.

“Keith became aware of the need when he used to do grave digging many years ago. He and a few others were sheltering from the rain one day, waiting for it to ease so they could complete their job and Keith looked around and said the cemetery should be looked after,” Mr Dickinson recalled.

So a committee was formed to do just that and Phil McGrath took up the position of president with Keith as secretary.

Mr Cross is still in the process of thoroughly documenting the graves, regularly updating a map and keeping a file on each of the deceased.

'onya Keith.

Source: The Eden Magnet