It's been reported Kempsey Shire Council on the NSW mid-north coast has sent 100 letters to family members telling them they need to remove ornaments from graves, or staff will do it for them.

According to 9News, Mother Amanda Farrawell, from Kempsey, received one of the letters on June 11.Ms Farrawell told that her world fell apart when she lost her four-month-old baby boy, Trent, to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) in November last year.

Kempsey Shire Council’s director of corporate and commercial, Stephen Mitchell, told in a statement that the council was responding to complaints made about the appearance of the lawn cemetery.
“Council sent a respectful letter to about 100 families outlining the rules and asking them to keep their personal tributes to the concrete beams and remove any items surrounding the gravesite,” the statement read.
“We appreciate that this is an emotional issue, but Council has a responsibility to ensure that cemeteries are a safe and solemn environment for all visitors.”