An article at the website states "throughout Australia you can legally arrange almost all aspects of a funeral without using the services of a funeral director, the first of a three-part investigation by Choice found. Along with washing and preparing the body for viewing, in most jurisdictions you can also transport the body from a hospital or nursing home into storage or interstate and drive it to the ceremony and the crematorium or cemetery."

Australians are also allowed to keep the body at home until the funeral, or choose not to move it from there at all by having the ceremony in the comfort of their home.

When it comes to arranging the finer details of the funeral, people can easily arrange the funeral themselves and organise speakers, the investigation claimed. You don’t need a funeral director to buy a coffin either, with those in Tasmania even able to instil the help of a coffin club to help build their own.

From there, the option for family and friends to carry the coffin as a pallbearer is available, while they can also lower the body into the grave or watch it go into the furnace at the crematorium.

Although it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, according to Jenny Briscoe-Hough, the founder of a nonprofit funeral home, the trend has really taken off with a number of clients choosing to be more involved in carrying out the funeral.

According to a 2018 study by, the average professionally-planned funeral cost in Australia is $7,449, with some cities slightly more expensive. For example, if you live in Sydney, expect to pay around $8,357, while Hobart residents will pay about $6,832. Those numbers are based on the starting price for burials and cremations at the major service providers, though, so customisation such as cultural or religious requirements, flowers or funerals notices will increase the cost.

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