Mid-Western Regional Council has again rejected a proposed lawn cemetery at Rylstone due to the costs to establish it - up to $485,000.

The Mudgee Guardian reports the motion presented at the April meeting was that Council not proceed. An amendment was put by councillors Esme Martens and Percy Thompson that Council do further investigation and an inspection of the current cemetery site and apply for grant funding.Rylstone Cemetery NSW

The amendment was lost with the motion carried 7-2.

In May 2018 Council resolved that staff prepare a cost estimate for the proposal, particularly looking at the difficulty of supplying water to the site. The report by the Director Community found; connecting a water main would cost approximately $380,000 - $400,000; with internal irrigation costings of $20,000; to re-chlorinate to make the water potable, it is estimated that approximately $50,000 will be added; bringing the cost of supplying water to approximately $450,000.

Furthermore, additional site preparation would be required; $25,000 for kerbing (two rows); $7,000 for turf; and $3,000 for earthworks. Bringing the total estimated cost of the initial construction to around $485,000, before adding ongoing water costs and maintenance.

Speaking for the motion, Cr Peter Shelley said "it's on the bottom of the list of priorities for Rylstone and Kandos".

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