The GMCT deceased search and GIS mapping system includes interment and cremation records for all Greater Metroplolitan Cemeteries Trust (Victoria) cemeteries and memorial parks, with the exception of Northcote Cemetery. Searches can be conducted using a combination of first name, surname and cemetery.

If you are not sure where a relative is buried, ensure the option to search all cemeteries is selected in the first instance. Consider that the names of cemeteries may have also changed over time.

Be specific when it comes to names, as searching by surname only often generates a large number of results. Try a range of spellings. Fred, for example, may be spelled Freddy, Frederick, Frederick, Friedrich, Fritz or Frederich. Emigrants sometimes changed their names after arriving in Australia, so search widely.

GMCT’s deceased search and GIS mapping system will display available information related to the individual being searched. The GIS mapping system will display a map indicating the specific location of the interment or scattering where applicable.

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