Adelaide's Centennial Park hosted Michelle Jewels-Parsons, Funeral Celebrant and End of Life Companion, to launch her children’s book The Present Box on the 9th April. The event was a huge success with over 100 people in attendance. The book aims to support children in their understanding of death and funerals.

 First time author Michelle Jewels-Parsons, along with her 6-year-old Niece Ellie, have created a beautiful children’s book exploring themes of death and funerals, accompanied by vivid illustrations, hand drawn by Ellie. Grandparents, parents and children alike will be enchanted by the hand drawn imagery and delight in the simple and easy to understand style in which it has been written.

The Present Box follows the story of a young child who experiences the death of someone they love. Across many stages of grief and loss, the child comes to terms with the concept of death and prepares for ‘the goodbye day’, the funeral. The Present Box is a warm and gentle way to introduce components of a funeral to a young child. The book is sure to be a valuable resource for bereaved families with young children.

Books are available for purchase online at for $19.95.