Modern Burial System

The Advocate (Tasmania) reports about a crypt system with burial plots set closer than traditional burials will extend the life of the Mersey Vale Cemetery.

It comes after the Mersey Vale Memorial Park Master Plan 2011-2030 identified the need to expand the site or find alternative internment options. The Devonport City Council set aside a million dollars in the 2018-19 capital works budget for the Mersey Vale Cemetery Modern Burial System Stage 2 project, with the work set to start in November.

The MBS is more space efficient and uses a series of underground interlocking precast concrete crypts.

Council infrastructure and works manager, Michael Williams, said the plots were separated by a 100mm thick concrete panel, which supports the lid of each plot, so they are side by side and can fit twice as many graves into an area.

"It means when you dig a grave there is separation to the next one with the concrete wall which is built in at the time it is constructed. When it is time for the burial the machine cuts the turf out down to the top of the chamber which can be lifted out and the body can be interred and the lid replaced," Mr Williams said.

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