In March 2019, the General Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (VIC) hosted the inaugural Muslim communities forum at Northern Memorial Park.

 Our staff joined religious leaders, funeral directors, community leaders and representatives from the Board of Imams and the Islamic Council of Victoria for a Halal dinner, readings from the Koran, and the chance to learn about Melbourne’s diverse Muslim communities.

The community dinner was also an opportunity to thank members of the Muslim community for their participation in a community-centred consultation project recently undertaken by GMCT to build meaningful connections, and to inform the planning the 50Ha extension currently under construction at Northern Memorial Park.

“As Melbourne’s Muslim population continues to grow, GMCT needs to have the knowledge and community networks to ensure we are able to plan appropriately,” said Chief customer officer, Michelle Blyth. 

“At GMCT we follow the principles of human-centred design, and engaging our communities to understand their needs is the first step in designing cemeteries and services that put people first.”

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Source: GMCT Connections

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