Many councils in NSW, and probably elsewhere, rely on community committees to oversee cemetery operations. The Glen Innes Examiner tells how the local cemetery committee recently avoided a near death experience (NDE). 

The cemetery committee which in January was at death's door has a new lease of life.Glen Innes Cemetery NSW

In January the Cemetery Trust Committee was facing closure after twice in a row failing to reach quorum. If they had missed out a third time it would have been the end of the line.

After a story printed in this newspaper drew attention to the problem, a huge new group of applicants swamped the process. With 16 new members, the committee will be forced to ask some not to stand (council rules limit committee size to 12). For an organisation with four active members before Christmas it's been a huge turnaround.

Committee member Eve Chappell said it reflected the Glen Innes spirit.

"That is Glen Innes to a tee," she said.

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