Cairns Regional Council (QLD) has already given approvals for this building in the Woree Business and Industry Park to be transformed into a crematorium. However the developer, Invocare, now hopes to add another element to the project.

 An application to develop a crematorium and funeral parlour at 19 Salter Cl in the Woree Business and Industry Park has been lodged with Cairns Regional Council.

“The proposed use is for a funeral parlour, specifically limited to a funeral parlour (mortuary) only, for the preparation and storage of the deceased prior to a funeral service,” the new application states.

No funeral services will be held at the subject site; bodies will be relocated to another site for funeral services.

On very limited occasions, a small number of family members or religious personnel will be present to assist in mortuary practices such as washing or dressing of the deceased.

The proposed use will operate in conjunction with the existing approved use of the site as a crematorium, with the co-location of these uses on the one site enabling a ‘shared services’ function.”


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